All three of our doctors have been involved in helping the community for many years.

Both Dr. Lassiter and Dr. Shelton have completed cases at no charge through Donated Dental Services a non-profit helping those in need. Please find information about the program here.

Dr. Lassiter planned and implemented the Union County Community Care Clinic in 2000 and it is still operational today. The Community Care Clinic provides medical and dental care to patients who fall into the financial abyss. They can’t afford insurance but earn too much money to qualify for assistance. He also was instrumental in the planning and development of the Union County Health Department Dental Clinic and it’s staffing with a pediatric dentist. This is one of only a handful of health departments in the state with this type of specialist to provide an incredible service to the children of our county. Dr. Lassiter has also maintained a one day a week nursing home dentistry service for the elderly and debilitated patients at all four of Union County’s nursing homes including Britthaven, Forrest Oakes, The Lutheran Home and Union Manor. Dr. Lassiter has provided this service since 2003 and he considers it one of the most important and fulfilling aspects of his job as a dentist.